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Opening Remarks

Amanda Kahlow
CEO & Founder, 6sense

– 9:00AM

How Smart Businesses Turn Browsers Into Buyers

As brands, we’re creating more stuff today than ever before. With every post we publish, infographic we upload, or video we produce we’re hoping (maybe even praying) that today’s insight will be more successful than yesterday’s.

It turns out that some of the smartest brands in the world don’t hope for success: they predict it. In fact, their success doesn’t come from knowing where their buyers are; it comes from understanding when their buyers need you.

In this action-packed keynote session, best-selling author Andrew Davis will reveal the secrets to their success. He’ll show you how smart brands leverage – no, create – momentum that converts browsers into buyers.

You’ll learn how paid, owned, and earned media converge to transform prospects into partners. You’ll see how to use the Waterfall Effect to drive the attention of the media, how to build anticipation, and even how to prolong the honeymoon phase. But, most importantly, you’ll stop chasing leads and start attracting buyers.

Are you ready to build momentum?

Andrew Davis
Author, Brandscaping

– 9:30AM

Marketing Leadership: Executive Insight Into Building A Business Growth Engine

The promise and hope of all great marketers is to drive revenue growth, open new markets, and shape buyer behaviors and preferences – in other words, to be a growth engine for the business. More often, however, the day-to-day realities of stakeholder alignment, legacy processes, and limited human and budgetary resources can impede progress for even the most engaged and dedicated marketing teams. Accomplishing big goals, overcoming obstacles, and leading through change are at the heart of modern marketing, and are the essence of great marketing leaders. Christine Heckart, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Brocade, will set the stage for how modern marketing organizations can have an outsized impact on the growth and success of their businesses.

Christine Heckart
CMO, Brocade

– 10:00AM

ABM In A Data-Driven World: Changing The B2B Customer Relationship

We are in the midst of a marketing technology boom that’s changing the relationship between customers and brands. To respond, marketing and sales must align their efforts and use data-driven insights earlier in the buyer’s journey to help prospects envision the right solution for their business needs. Data shows that businesses who are the first to help customers solve their challenges outdistance their competition by a factor of 3:1 when buyers ultimately select technology partners. In this session, featured speaker Laura Ramos, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, will take a close look at the forces fundamentally changing the vendor-customer relationship and how account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, processes, and technology are instrumental in this pivotal moment for business.

Laura Ramos
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

– 10:30AM


– 11:00AM


Explore the Power of Predictive – Supercharge BDRs, Find Active Buyers and Strengthen Bonds Between Sales and Marketing

Learn how Netsuite brought predictive to life with the help of its partner, 6sense, across sales and marketing teams to find active buyers and not just companies that ‘look like the right buyer’. This session will also cover why NetSuite chose to work with 6sense, and their need for detecting active buying cycles when prospects are researching competitive offerings in their market. Learn how this predictive enabled program at NetSuite outperformed all other call down lists, and outperformed conversions across marketing to sales, resulting in 2x greater accepted leads, 2x increase in total number of opportunities created and 2x+ increase in close rate.

Joan Fitzpatrick
AVP, Global Sales Productivity, NetSuite

Zak Garner
Director of Solutions Consulting, 6sense

– 11:30AM


Data-Driven B2B: The Power Of Predictive In Digital

Learn how Cisco is powering its digital efforts using predictive intelligence. Joseph Puthussery will share Cisco’s path to building a modern revenue engine and what the future holds for the data-driven enterprise.

Joseph Puthussery
Vice President, Digital Marketing, Cisco

– 12:00PM


Girl Rising

We are the storytellers in the movement to educate and empower girls around the world. We use inspirational storytelling and partnerships with policy leaders, corporate leaders, community activists, and NGOs to launch scalable campaigns that raise the value of the girl.

Martha Adams
Chief Creative Officer, Girl Rising

– 1:00PM


– 1:30PM


Predictive Intelligence Meets Attribution Meets Omni-Channel Visibility – Measure Brand to Demand to Closed

Join leaders from Dell, Forbes and 6sense for a case study showcasing the future of B2B marketing. In a world filled with segregated point solutions solving one problem in one specific channel, marketers are forced to operate with partial visibility. In this session, learn how 6sense & Forbes together are bringing omni-channel visibility to the marketing teams at Dell by connecting accounts and contacts from media impressions, to anonymous website visitors, to known contacts/leads, to closed won opportunities. Hear how 6sense uses this connectivity to then predicts future buyers, their needs and timing based on where they are across the buyer’s journey so Dell can reach active buyers. As Steven Covey would say “WIN-WIN-WIN;” this is just the beginning of the future.

Heather Berggren
Global Thought Leadership & Innovation, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell

Mark Howard
Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes Media

– 2:00PM

COMPETE. Do less, better.

Welcome to the days of less is more. Competing to win today means that B2B Tech marketers need to FOCUS on what works, what doesn’t, and where to channel their time and money. Mine the right secrets of big data, measure the most meaningful metrics, truly understand the new customer buying journey, and pinpoint where good advertising dollars are wasted.

Thad Kahlow
CEO, BusinessOnline

Kelly Kyer
Global Director, Technology Vertical, LinkedIn

– 2:30PM


The Digital And Data Transformation Of B2B Marketing And Sales

The digital and data transformation currently reshaping B2B companies is redefining the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between the teams responsible for engineering the growth of their organizations. Join Alan Gonsenhauser of SiriusDecisions as he guides a panel of business leaders who’ve overseen sales, marketing, operations, and finance departments as they discuss their vision of the future of B2B marketing and sales.

Alan Gonsenhauser
Research Director, CMO Strategies, SiriusDecisions

Scott Broomfield
COO, Metavine / former GM and CMO, Xactly (IPO in 2016)

Travis Bryant
Vice President, Sales, Optimizely

Brian Frank
Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn

Chris Merritt
Chief Revenue Officer, CloudFlare

Sangram Vajre
Co-Founder & CMO, Terminus

– 3:00PM


with BlueJeans Network

Join BlueJeans Network President Mike Mansbach & 6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow as they discuss how a BlueJeans Marketing Manager got Mike’s attention through his work with the 6sense team. In this session, you will learn from Mike:

• How marketers can leverage technology to have a voice with executives and be a hero within their organization.
• How to choose technologies that can directly impact revenue.
• How to achieve simple and quantifiable proof of impact to evaluate technologies that can grow pipeline exponentially.

In this session, you will also hear how 6sense helps BlueJeans uncover net-new opportunities, enter the buyers’ journey early, supercharge BDRs and commercial sales team. The 6sense and BlueJeans partnership has grown pipeline by 2x, found 2.5 greater opportunity values and increased sales productivity by 3x.

Amanda Kahlow
CEO & Founder, 6sense

Mike Mansbach
President, BlueJeans

– 3:30PM


– 4:00PM


Exploring Predictive Activation

Join Dell’s 6sense project architect Jeffrey Siegel to learn about the various paths Dell is taking to realize the true promise of predictive intent data by activating across their entire marketing and sales stack. This session will focus on how to design a predictive rollout and several distinct use cases that highlight how Dell is working to push customer-intelligence based innovation across their entire organization.

Jeff Siegel
Marketing Innovation Strategist, Enterprise Global Demand Gen., Dell

– 4:30PM


The New CMO: How Data, Targeting and Customization Are Changing Everything

Today’s Chief Marketing Officer will soon be unrecognizable from the marketing leaders who came before. New data gathering and predictive modeling techniques stand at the center of this change. Marketing leaders are redefining how buyer personas and marketing segments are built and customer insights are used to optimize every part of the marketing and sales funnel. Join Laura Ramos of Forrester as she discusses the future of marketing leadership with four CMOs who have built the revenue engines of their businesses with data, analytics and predictive intelligence at the helm. 

Laura Ramos
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Alix Hart
Global Head of Digital Marketing, NVIDIA

Christine Heckart
CMO, Brocade

Brad Rinklin
former CMO, Akamai / CMO, Eze Software Group

Cory Treffiletti
VP of Marketing and Partner Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud

– 5:00PM


Predictive-Powered Media Execution and Account-Based Marketing – From Brand to the Sales Funnel

As B2B marketing strategies and technologies evolve, so have the media companies and publishers supporting them. To find new sources of value for advertisers, publishers are working to connect brand campaigns with their impacts on demand generation and pipeline. With the rise of predictive intelligence and new marketing technologies, these goals are no longer theoretical ideas, but executable initiatives. Join Forbes, Madison Logic and Optimizely to hear how predictive intelligence and marketing technology are creating the new era of media and account-based marketing.

Mark Dye
Chief Strategy Officer, 6sense

Mark Howard
Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes Media

Bob Ray
Global CEO, Americas, DWA LLC

Tom O’Regan
CEO, Madison Logic

– 5:15PM

Closing Remarks

Amanda Kahlow
CEO & Founder, 6sense

– 6:45PM